Rich Communication Suite

RCS is the communication platform that provides users with rich experiences beyond Voice and legacy messaging enabling IP chat, Standalone Messaging, live video, contents sharing and Social Network Service features.

It is the cornerstone leading operators and users to an all-IP world.

Proven Market leadership

  • Rich™ RCS-e commericially launched for KT, SKT and LG U+ in Dec 2012.
  • Rich™ RCS Blackbird scheduled to be commericially launched for SKT, KT and LG U+ in 2016.
  • Rich™ RCS v5.3 coming up

Monetization with full-fledged RCS

  • RCS Client compliant with GSMA Blackbird
  • RCS Client SDK Toolkit compliant with GSMA Device API
  • RCS Enablers compliant with GSMA RCS Blackbird/5.3
  • API Gateway compliant with OMA RCS Profile 2.0

Access & Platform Agnostic

  • Any access network e.g., Trusted-Wi-Fi, non-Trusted Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, etc.
  • RCS Client on Android and iOS platform
  • RCS Enablers without any dependency on any HW platform
  • Virtualized RCS functions supporting single- & multi-tenant NFV

High Modularity and Flexibility

  • “RCS in a Box” model for small-sized carriers
  • RCS distributed model for mid-sized carriers and above.
  • Enabler based flexible scale-out strategy with high granularity

Major Customers

Award Winner

TMC '2012 Communications Solutions
 Product of the Year' Rich RCS Suite

"2012 Communications Solutions
Product of the Year“
Rich RCS Suite

IMS Industry Awards '2013 Best Innovation in RCS' Rich RCS Suite

IMS Industry Awards
"2013 Best Innovation in RCS“
Rich RCS Suite

TMC '2015 Communications Solutions 
Product of the Year' Rich RCS Client

"2015 Communications Solutions
Product of the Year“
Rich RCS Client

Nable Communications is a public company in Korea. We provide IP-based next generation communication solutions for operators, OTT service providers, enterprises, and handset vendors.
Nable’s customers in Korea include SKT, KT, LGU+, Samsung Electronics, LINE, etc.

Nable also has overseas customers in UK, Spain, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, etc.
We successfully launched various IMS and VoIP solutions for commercial services, which include SBC (Session Border Controller), IBCF/TrGW, IP-PBX, UC (Unified Communications), Configuration Provisioning enabler, WebRTC2IMS Gateway, and Push Gateway, etc,.
Nable is a market leader for Rich Communication technologies in Korea since it successfully commercialized GSMA RCS-e in 2012.
We provides a full eco-system for Rich Communications from clients to application enablers compliant with GSMA RCS standards.

Our vision is to become a global market leader in IP communication industry by providing solutions connecting among all the objects including human to human, human to device and device to device.
We keep challenging proactively and never stop making better solutions to provide our customers and users with more values.

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